Unlock customer data

and use it to power your digital advertising.

for digital consulting, trading,
creative, and data management.

Manage information

efficiently and gain actionable insights.

Decode and demystify

the latest ad technology with the
best consultants in the industry.

Run seamless digital ads

with global scale and full transparency.

All with a

 single, agnostic partner.

All with a

 single, agnostic partner.


Consulting Services

APG’s consultants help you access and activate offline and CRM data so that you can reach the right audiences across screens. Navigate changing privacy regulations and gain a comprehensive view of the digital media landscape.

Data Management

APG’s team will help you build a state-of-the-art data management platform (DMP) to turbocharge your digital advertising. Tag live campaigns, optimize campaigns in real time, and retarget the right groups for future efforts. Advanced data enrichment lets you round out the picture and better understand and connect with each consumer segment.

Trade Desk Services

APG gives you unfettered access to premium ad inventory across every screen with crystal-clear insights and full transparency. We offer end-to-end campaign management, a full suite of creative services, analytics, and private marketplace management.

Creative Services

APG's best-in-class creative team specializes in crafting immersive video and rich media experiences. We build gorgeous custom units that deliver store locators, 360 degree video capabilities, and needs-based targeting.


Corey Weiner


Mishel Alon

Managing Director

Brian Sykora

Senior Director, Product Strategy

Ian White

Programmatic Coordinator

Taylor Murrell


Hagar Tomer

Programmatic Coordinator

We are growing quickly and looking for outstanding talent in every department. APG believes in hiring the right person as opposed to the right combination of keywords. We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into all of our roles. To apply, drop us a line.


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